Case Studies


TITLE Boxing

TITLE LA Press Preview_La Peer Rooftop.jpg

Fitness giant, TITLE Boxing Club, hired Plainscoast to launch its digital app, introducing virtual boxing classes on demand.

For the first time, the company's transformative, full-body workouts and world-class trainers were accessible to users outside the club. (want to better word it to show how we helped to make the 11 year old brand more relevant in today’s world through digital strategies, influencers, events and aligning them with the right brands, press and influencers)

We created 15 events at seven different locations in Los Angeles and New York over two weeks to launch TITLE On Demand to press and influencers. We had more than 300 RSVP’s for our exclusive events that included national press, influencers and TITLE On Demand Athlete, Meagan Kong’s, loyal following.

More than 350 instagram posts were posted from the events + press interviews were secured + every attendee received free access to TITLE On Demand + an affiliate program and 30-day challenge was put into place. 

We secured top-tier press announcing the launch and its new partnerships.

  • Two press previews

  • 15 events for press and influencers across three cities: LA, NYC, KC - guests included TODAY Show, SHAPE, Dr. Oz, Women’s Health, PopSugar and more at exclusive locations; Soho House and Rockefeller Center

  • Brand Partnership with Ladder: LeBron James, Cindy Crawford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindsey Vonn

  • Influencer Partnership: Secured the first TITLE On Demand Athlete and created events and a digital campaign around the partnership

  • Overall PR strategy that helped position the brand as relevant and cool by aligning them with the right events, press, influencers, brands, etc.






Sierra Winter Jewelry

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Rightfully Sewn

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Pearl Exchange

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